Comments and feedback from our customers

"We have been successfully cooperating with for two years so far. We are very happy with the stable targeted traffic, high conversion rate and responsive customer support service. We will be glad to continue our cooperation with such a reliable partner. We are sure that our collaboration will be successful and productive for the both sides."

Victor Daniel
Marketing Manager

"We registered our web-site in program back in 2004. It really gives targeted dating traffic - about 10% of our visitors come through banner-exchange program, and they do stay as our paying customers. In comparison with other banner-exchange programs gives us 2-3 times more visitors."

Oleg Syedyshev

"Cooperation with brought us 3571 new partners in the 3rd quarter of 2007. It increased our business in several times, and number of registrations keeps increasing."

Nikolay Grebnev

"I am constant client of RM and I'm really happy with it. Each dollar I spend - brings me profit, each ads company I run - gives me additional customers. CTR, server speed and customer support just perfect. Nothing to add except that I will continue work with them!"

Art Paramonov

"It gives me alot of good traffic , wonderful program."

Henning Parr

"Thank you for your high quality service and blazing fast support! Banner advertising works very efficiently and we keep getting new visitors. Thank to placing our affiliate program on romance-net catalogue more than 50 webmasters were able to start using our AdSense Revenue Share program. Big "thank you" also goes to romance-net for making dating business more open and transparent!"


"We've been partners with for a year now, and we are very satisfied. Our promotions to their client database brought us many new clients. Also, thanks to this cooperation, now we are offering Promotional Bonuses from to all new Dating Pro customers, and they love it. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Romance-net."


"I am working with for already several years and I can confidently recommend your service for a number of reasons. Visitors from your network often place real orders and become regular clients of the agency. You are reliable. You work fairly and without any issues for many years. You don't chase for all kinds of traffic and you strictly follow your target audience. Becoming a member of your exchange is a great way to join the society of good sites, as you thoroughly monitor each of them and this only increases your credibility and inspires respect to the work you do. I like to work with you. You are clearly the best in this field and I am 100% sure about this."