How long have you been on the market? has been in the dating industry since 2003. Originally an advertising-banner network. Now it is a full-fledged affiliate program with its own dating offers. Which countries' leaders do you accept? We accept these countries according to the CPL model. Current rates are registered in your personal account in statistics.

Zone 1: Australia, Canada, England, Norway, South Africa, United States, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman
Zone 2: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland

Is there a fee for withdrawing funds?

We undertake all commissions.

What are the ways to withdraw money?

To a bank card, PayPal, Wire transfer, Capitalist, Webmoney

What are the rates for which geo's go to the CPL?

By CPL, countries are divided into zones. The current rates for each of the zones are registered in the personal account.

Is there a KPI hold?

For leads, traffic for new accounts is monitored up to $ 200. Then paused and all leads over this amount will not be counted. After the account is approved, it will be possible to spill more of this amount.

Are payments credited from all geos?

Yes, past payments are counted from all geo and from all leads, even not approved ones. Accordingly, there is no difference in geo in terms of payments, that is, if a payment from an unaccounted lead arrives, it will still be credited to the balance.

Is there a postback?

Undoubtedly. And notice how comfortable and flexible it is. Postback settings in the Ā«SettingsĀ» section of your personal account. You can pass any of your parameters by matching them with the RMnet mnemonics in the settings. When a CPL, CPA and RevShare event occurs, we will return a detailed postback to you.


Offers work according to the SOI model. This is the easiest way to authorize referred users. Despite the seeming simplicity in user registration, in order to avoid cheating, the security system contains a large number of metrics and bases.

Is there a lead approval hold?

Yes, leads are approved up to 5 days. The postback will show a zero-sum lead event. After the lead is approved, the postback will respond with a positive amount.
There are internal KPIs for leads approvement.

Where do the offers come from?

We work with our own offers. This allows us to keep the quality of the offer and the conversion rate at a high level, since we are responsible for the entire chain of the lead from click to payout and lifetime RevShare.

What traffic sources do you accept?

We accept the main legal sources of traffic: push notifications, banners, native, mailing only to our own database, SEO, google.

What does hybrid payment model mean?

This means that you also earn from leads (registered approved users), you also get 100% from every first payment of all customers and 20% from all customer payments for life. This is very fair and motivates to shed real high-quality traffic.

What is the direction of dating in your offers?

We have mainstream dating. The whitest, simplest and longest-lasting type of dating. Not adult, not webcam. Just dating.